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The Kristal Bell Method is a totally original hand bell playing system.  It enables children (ideal ages 4 to 10 years old) to produce beautiful hand bell music accompanied by fully orchestrated song arrangements recorded on compact discs.*  The most unique aspect of this method is that no musical knowledge is necessary on the part of the hand bell players.  The way that the system is designed makes it possible to perform almost instantly.  The only practice required consists of a few simple "do's" and "don'ts", which are explained in the instructions that come with the kit.





The basic starter kit consists of the following items:  


  • 4 boxes of hand bells
    (8 bells/tones per box
    C Major Scale)

  • 2 sets of cue cards (2 songs)

  • 2 CDs (2 songs)*

  • Instructions

  • Carrying Case


(Additional bells, cue cards, and CDs

can be purchased separately in order to

 increase the number of bells in the system

or the number of songs in the repertoire.)

*Cassette tapes are no longer available



A facilitator is needed to lead the hand bell players and to coordinate the bell playing with the recorded music.  Anyone with a basic knowledge of music should have no problem facilitating the system.  Once again, instructions are included with the kit.


Although this method can be used by anyone, it is ideally suited for schools and churches.  In addition to providing an enjoyable on-going group or classroom activity, live performances can be done in front of audiences throughout the year for any occasion.


To say that the Kristal Bell Method has been enthusiastically received to date is an understatement.  Most people who have heard it have been amazed.  In fact, because of this positive response and the many requests for the materials used in the system, Kristal Bell Method, Co. was formed.  It stands ready to provide your group or organization with an unprecedented hand bell playing system which will furnish you with musical enjoyment for years to come.


The Kristal Bell Method is the original and only patented hand bell method using color-coded cards and fully orchestrated background music.